• Course: FINAN 6300 Intro to Venture Capital (University of Utah, David Eccles School of Business)
  • Years Taught: 2008–Present
  • Format: F2F, Online
  • Text: None

Note: In these videos and slides I’m sharing a historical snapshot of my teaching. Things once fresh and avant-garde will soon take on the patina of anachronisms.

Also, even though I am the creator of these lectures, I made them standing on the shoulders of others. This is a derivative work and I’ve made every effort to cite and credit the original creators where possible. Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions.

Course Lecture Video Playlist

Lecture 0: Course Intro

Lecture 1: Section 1, Why Venture Capital | Section 2, Valuation and Hurdle Rate

Lecture 2: Section 3, The Entrepreneur’s Journey | Section 4, The Founder’s Dilemma

Lecture 3: Section 5, Venture Capital Fund Structure | Section 6, Why VCs Say “No.”

Lecture 4: Section 7, Pitching to Win | Section 8, Term Sheets & Due Diligence

2021 Course Syllabus