MKTG 335-G International Marketing at UVU

Keeping things as tight and concise as possible, this course still represents a lot of content. In fact, all told there are over 8 hours of video, and 740 slides.

Note: In these videos and slides I’m sharing a historical snapshot of my teaching. The creators of course materials often include images, slides, and other teaching helps. In general these slides and images terribly designed. My slide design is my own, but I often base the slides on content or text for which McGrawHill owns and retains the copyright.

Course Lecture Video Playlist

Lecture 0: Course Intro

Lecture 1: Chapter 1, Scope and Challenge of International Marketing

Lecture 2: Chapter 2, International Trade

Lecture 3: Chapter 3, History, Geography, Culture

Lecture 4: Chapter 4, Cultural Dynamics

Lecture 5: Chapter 5, Management Style & Business Systems

Lecture 6: Chapter 6–7, Politics and International Law

Lecture 7: Chapter 8, Marketing Research

Lecture 8: Chapters 12-13, Marketing Management and B2C Marketing

Lecture 9: Chapter 14, B2B Marketing

Lecture 10: Chapter 15, International Marketing Channels

Lecture 11: Chapter 16, Marcom

Lecture 12: Chapters 17–18, Sales and Pricing

2017 Course Syllabus