The War Cry of Entrepreneurship

child learning the war cry of entrepreneurship

A lot of startups don’t make it. The popular view sees entrepreneurship as meritocracy at its purest. Startup culture treats the winners in this game like celebrities; like they are gods. Too often the rest, the also-rans, the unfunded, the short-lived are scorned. These entrepreneurs are marked by unrewarded sacrifices, by pity, and as if their … Read more

Killing it in 2017, an inspired year for Utah VC

Startups going slow to go fast Utah slipped a few spots in the VC rankings for 2017, but still turned in an outstanding year. I’ve been pretty excited to report Utah’s per capita venture funding as third highest in the U.S. in 2015, or last year seeing Utah’s VC numbers top $1 Billion (disappointingly revised down … Read more

Utah Tops the Big Apple in Per Capita Venture Capital

Hard to believe? Note the per capita qualifier. In fairness, NY based startups raised over $4.2 billion in venture funding in 2014 compared to Utah’s paltry $800 million. *sniff* Utah didn’t bring home more total money, but they brought home a lot and did it with a much smaller population. So, I don’t find it … Read more

The Education Bubble

I’ve been talking about this for about 3 years. I’m glad somebody finally picked it up. The AP reported on a financial bubble in education last week. There have been a slough of stories percolating about this, such as Generation Jobless: Is An Ivy League Diploma Worth It?, and some spinoffs of ridiculous comments made by … Read more

The Punctuated Equilibrium of Leadership

Many of us have worked for someone and thought, I could do his job. What’s so great about that person? (These thoughts are probably more prevalent when that person is our boss and is driving us crazy.) I’m not trying to answer every question about how some people work their way into leadership positions. What I … Read more