Education Bubble Part 2

More of this is hitting the news. This video gives more details of the education bubble. To me the big question is this, is the free market being prevented from equalizing the student loan debt situation because student loans are not bankruptable? If bankruptcy is the great “do-over” allowing citizens to recover from untenable financial situations … Read more

The Education Bubble

I’ve been talking about this for about 3 years. I’m glad somebody finally picked it up. The AP reported on a financial bubble in education last week. There have been a slough of stories percolating about this, such as Generation Jobless: Is An Ivy League Diploma Worth It?, and some spinoffs of ridiculous comments made by … Read more


So, last night I went to a reunion for my high school art class. It wasn’t a reunion for my graduating class  or the whole high school, just for an art class that was meaningful to most of us who attended. It wasn’t any special time either (18 years since we were in the class), … Read more