Fintech Looks Like the Achilles Heel of Global Corruption

pablo escobar corruption fintech

[3 min. read] The world can be a tough place. In my courses on International marketing, I spend an entire class period talking about corruption around the world. What’s the difference between a full-on bribe and slipping someone $20 as a lubricating payment to expedite your application? I talk about how different cultures perceive these … Read more

The War Cry of Entrepreneurship

child learning the war cry of entrepreneurship

A lot of startups don’t make it. The popular view sees entrepreneurship as meritocracy at its purest. Startup culture treats the winners in this game like celebrities; like they are gods. Too often the rest, the also-rans, the unfunded, the short-lived are scorned. These entrepreneurs are marked by unrewarded sacrifices, by pity, and as if their … Read more

Killing it in 2017, an inspired year for Utah VC

Startups going slow to go fast Utah slipped a few spots in the VC rankings for 2017, but still turned in an outstanding year. I’ve been pretty excited to report Utah’s per capita venture funding as third highest in the U.S. in 2015, or last year seeing Utah’s VC numbers top $1 Billion (disappointingly revised down … Read more

2016 Sees Utah top $1B in venture capital for the first time

2016 saw Utah companies raise over $1 billion in venture capital, a huge milestone for the Beehive State. 99 Utah companies raised $1.17 billion in 2016 according to the latest Venture Monitor report, from NVCA and Pitchbook, closing out 2016 Q4. 2016 saw total VC investments nationally shrink from their peak in 2015 (with $69.1 billion … Read more